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do little little little little headline news on and on australian authorities arrested two men in dc are linked to islamist extremist groups. when evan and is suspected of leading a city worker degree to which sends people to fight in the syrian civil war and the other was taken into custody on suspicion of being a recruit the thirty nine year old suspected ringleader and twenty three year old suspected recruits are to be charged into the following encouraging ten recruiting the act outlaws australian residents or citizens traveling overseas to fight to recruiting others to fight and carry a maximum ten year
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prison sentence. australian authorities estimate in total about a hundred residents have gone to fight a civil war and many europeans are asinine to join the conflict along with the kids from the us sparking fears that they could become radicalized and codes of threats on their return. here are two new train that derailed over the weekend was reportedly traveling at more than double the speed limit when it crashed to a national transportation safety board are a few fan of the train was traveling at approximately eighty two mph as it went into a thirty mile per hour for us even before the curve in the designated speed limit was just seventy mph. here he said the brakes were activated at perry lakes declined to say whether the train driver was to blame new york senator chuck schumer said the tragic even to the races so the question speed train crash which happened in the bronx killed four people and injured eleven people critically services on the railroad to remain limited today. as of is yes. i knew the routine
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she and more. opal. woo hoo eye. ch ch. but it is you
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that is organize a festival in honor of the different communities that make the air argentina's capital is a true melting pot and this year alone or forty such celebrations. it's the first time that kosher festival coincides with anelka. he says. as a special argentine flavor food stands with red wine into the pan the typical sausage sandwich served a family barbecues in this case adapted to kosher casino. the menorah was placed in the judaic to a well known pavilion in the middle of our couples danced tango and beginners classes on weekends. tourists and locals were surprised to find people dancing to the beach. to which local branded him a little bit. it stayed on for the party the people i come in here that they don't even know what this is what they give
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me a big and they are just learned about judaism and about culture. on this and really nice thing to do yet this tends to silverstein tells the story behind the miracle of panic. it happened more than twenty centuries to cope when the to the greeks away from their lands and we think their temple in jerusalem. so when the battle and it's the only one jungle boy left to right a single candle. against all odds lasted eight innings now that i am. that is animated by eight a snack immensely there was one of the double i am. that lasted eight a visit. the state eight days to build the layout. what is it that being the adult suggests that some high on a ttc hands on project shows children how difficult it was to make well in those days she gets the olives one by one squeezes them. in late twenty
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oh two riots and lights the thinkers the modern way i like to call later. with much deeper and every single person is always the one you are gentle boil then cover the camper. i won't make that one needs to be a small village of. was i would want a gentle but if we eliminated but one candle every day we had another candle somewhat like somewhat while i know that that will last for eight days that the press of a wild old jug of oil. lights were many many generations bring in lots of like the last box of holiness for the entire world. some of the students a team from toronto and york to study included scientists from here. this is their first opened the spring. far from the snow. then as they can ask for better game plan any new art. we speak the language is not such a little bit different but. i can feel my hands as the different teaching your inner ear. some of the largest jewish community in latin america with more
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and more notches. it is thinking and culture festival this is monica and i kept for j and one when the sights you can also lead the human tissue me to play the obama administration about the recent mutiny agreement with iran is coming and it's good to me for making one of the most critical details of the controversial act. well the report highlights the concessions tehran is offering including the mixing enrichment was undermining the un inspectors daily access it avoids emphasizing a key plank of the accord which recognizes the romans right to enrich the rain yet well the us has repeatedly said that their rounds as such and all the lights to name a few rainy and would not speak with balanced in an interim deal. the text says the comprehensive solution will info they need to be
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defined in richmond program with new to the agreed parameters. israel has repeatedly questioned the reasoning behind the accord between tehran the west with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu calling it a historic mistake hundreds of cars and taking part in a parade in dubai to celebrate the forty second national day at the united arab emirates the event was organized as an attempt to set a world record for the largest decorated car parade. the guy that pulled a muscle it. i do a bit mia this is just that no fool and think. i do it. everyone doesn't it. but citizens organizers failed to set the record as only one hundred seventy one year six hundred cards were eligible due to guidelines established by the guinness book of world records requiring at least half of the vehicle be covered last night to either
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the last minute. i found out about the raid led to three days ago. so last night but somewhat that they didn't move left on the foam around three o'clock in the afternoon until two o'clock that night. and we did as much as we can and it's a very hot coffee just gone to pot. as much as we could. the cars were decorated in bright colors and carried uab flags with some having portraits of the country's leaders the two emirates uae has a flourishing car culture with a booming laugh tree on the market and police famously have lamborghini is to keep up with reckless drivers. you may is national day celebrates the unification of the seven emirates formerly british protectorate under one flag on the second of december nineteen seventy one the euro key store minister has visited to go to discuss security concerns ms afghan account of profits last year american combat troops to
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drop off to the two countries failed to reach a deal since the us to talk to coach has been plagued by sectarian violence. vi. he is. and if that. also the with you afghanistan is troy's to saudi security agreement with the u s afghan president karzai is resisting closing the deal to allow the presidential elections in april twenty fourteen there are concerns that without an agreement afghan forces could struggle to cope with the ongoing taliban islamist militant insurgency following the al qaeda inspired beyond eleven attacks on new york and the painted in the us and its allies invaded but the drop and afghanistan america's two thousand three attack on iraq led to
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the demise of dictator saddam hussein was two thousand and one afghan invasion resulted in the collapse of the hardline taliban regime in view. thus taking some epic it is time to add to its nuances to dish up the nation nt at the manx on the senate great to get beads was a comic a day and acting like a giant menorah at one of the continent's nice just teaches stopping seen since how to set everything to be separate from the kit so that the kids are great but makes it so that it is a miracle each other because in the eighteen week twenty thirty years people read this and feel. today you have people living with religious freedom to debate the way we set a break on the case outside so that is pretty choppy sit in the heart of sand the opposite. he wants
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to do. the most prestigious dance and counting. thousands of people come together. cole looks a lot. lock them in order to break the religious freedom said britain would be just as separate and the comedy and want to step into office. as a very special. the top. maybe santa right. it's a topic thoughts thank you. seventy five years ago a group of children traveling without their parents arrived in england the first of some ten thousand children mostly jewish who escaped from germany austria and czechoslovakia before the onset of world war two the operation was known as the kinda transport skinned or being german for children
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monday the second of december was marked as the world's candor transport date with survivors in print on the story of their remarkable journey along to his pitches also. and to lose she allows me to come. if you live in and show tonight the shooting range. a lot we joined our school uniform will it really true. oscar standing around and he was sixteen. now ninety one year members the last words his mother said to him. fall among the dead. that issue this post. you made. she sent it to us. training had lived in leaps egregious parents and his father was arrested at his mother signed him up
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for the candid transport. she is. for my impulses of the mind is confused. gold is going to look at the two of them ritual gloomy season to put in it tonight too. all too well. the foliage the moment and wanted to my cousin who is eight ft two in the end of a shuffle. cool to look at things. go to school today. his name. the rule of shame and fear of being caught. from the moment the british government agreed to accept the children after the infamous crystal not on grounds of november nineteen thirty eight the first group arrived in the second of december nineteen eighty eight and they continued to come until the outbreak of war in september nineteen thirty nine when the borders were
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closed. korean levy arrived in the uk when he was less than ten years old in june nineteen thirty nine he was lucky enough to have its hands joined him months later my cousin tried to get out of germany for many years but that isn't going to get into the engine anyway. and i'm too many bridges government children to come on the content on school americans are confused. in any country to do so. angel so my parents in mind for me to go on the can of townsville and the two nd this form of the chosen ones it's grandparents along with two sisters however were not so lucky. this took me to the station said goodbye to my grandparents. the song was
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going to die a few weeks later. my grandmother. also on summons. she usually the american system of managing community she had to wait. june nineteen fifty one compared to america rejuvenated. six million people who died in the extermination camp though some later returned to their countries of origin many of the can to transport children made their homes in britain often they had nothing to return to their entire family is among the six million killed by the nazis. what could this year the yo dd speeders presenting a new show the chanukah miracle. it tells the story of causing a young girl who decides she wants and or call their own
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the in the play room for the recruits of the day ernie eves i really could go down this new loans. a blue weaned on friends. moon tuesday two twenty two seven ap it's due to an end. i talk a lot. you can . to me. he takes the lead. it is. will the eye. and screw you. who
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says she can defend the human she falls asleep in the classroom nineteen fifties in the temple in jerusalem. she meets the american led the truth to sink in. this few weeks in the second century bc . who knew his opponent the city he said. wanted to shoot included. the being in an amazing me when we teach some lyrics. it's time to name but the nine years. to use the new snow. the most strongest eye. postponed they say. like i do. only
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time he said. entry fee to one handsome boy. when we act as one might want to end the war launched on the highway. i think the he's completely. his real name. he says he will teach you the answer according to porter was continuously used to it. with amazing is that we picture the scene at the end of the show that the nt scan the mass it's a fix for instead oh if it's being kind to one another to current or if its anti bullying him to stand there. so ken and i could use as tools and that's for us. everything we've reached her arm go the two
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hundred mm you can view them here. you can go in sanford who was really interesting since i know that the people bull pen thing that only happens and i in my school was i thinking believing community school. i reasoned that the unit is connected and that can be seen from chanukah miracle will be presented to jewish organizations across the newark area. the founders hope is they will help children learn about jewish traditions in unique and magical way. this is at the door for jane one in ten define new jersey the lads have voted in favor of defining marriage in the constitution as solely a union of a man and woman a move initiated by roman catholic groups but
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criticized by opponents as discrimination again thomas ex tools did that guy the site. but that didn't seem that many kids there the flight. speaking to any government. changing the substance that may be to god. i just got something to see kids this age. this was the extent that the bandstand . what changed that. maybe kids did the need for something different. almost sixty six percent of those who voted in the referendum endorsed the initiative launched by the catholic group in the name of the family but turnout was only thirty seven percent of eligible voters and many interviewed on the streets of the capital's that grabs said they were disappointed with the outcome
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and they imply that this incident because we haven't gone back and twenty bucks each th instead of going forward we're going back and collect things really strange thing is that so many people who are prone to such backward thinking. that they do. fiji in the name of the family group had gathered over seven hundred and forty thousand signatures in support of the referendum forcing parliament to call the vote although the social democrat led government disagreed with the referendums demand some ninety percent of croatia's four point four million people are catholic and the church wholeheartedly backed the initiative which sought to define marriage in the constitution rather than law so that its status can only be changed by a two thirds majority in parliament syrian rebel sport has reportedly taken to control parts of the christian town ultimately a hardline islamist militants are said to put the forces loyal to present but charlotte sound
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control of the ancient town to switch between its joints around the ongoing civil war many christians as light snow and cemented a place where west in aramaic the language of jesus is toast but can be lethal if the one thousand christians is said to be killed across area water and how many christians are being displaced from the providence journal that the two month long conflict. hardline islamist militants such as the missouri a grip or toys that her organization al qaeda couple of terror attacks on christian churches homes and businesses right across the country has taught today and fixed in position a caliphate the middle east and state. serious christians who make up ten percent of the country's population of one of the oldest communities in the world. however apart from the sentiment on sunday limitless on a few other worldly this is a canal to support the series to escape the christian minority
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smithsonian national zoo's youngest panda cub has turned a hundred days old and in keeping with chinese tradition in the pint size resident was given a new name out well. now the mean stranger or consciously chinese painting is one of five that people could vote for in an ongoing contest ran from november fifth november twenty seconds is a city received one hundred and twenty three thousand votes the chinese ambassador to the united states said the naming ceremony is an important tradition in chinese culture. the one hundred day celebration. is a very unique and special importance. the god of the river. it represents the wish. the video will grow up. it had been missed and good health. intuitive as lie as oval on monday years chinese and us officials needed naming announcement jointly it's about lau underscores a collaboration on the giant panda conservation that dates back
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to nineteen seventy two. at a hundred days old now but already has an impressive resume to the breakout star of the zoo's panda cam and as thousands of fans including first lady michelle obama gave val balance special shout out atc's naming ceremony. she's also on second surviving cub born at the national zoo after several attempts impregnated her mother may she fails giant pandas are one of the world's most endangered specie seats that now was conceived through artificial insemination in march . what a technology industry has been around almost as long as the state of israel. however in recent years since israel's entrance to the oecd countries dominance worldwide has expanded dramatically where at the what the convention and to love eve which has become the biggest showcase o israel
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the innovations to representatives of over fifty countries. anthony cox and the newest these clite by a diverse team would a division that makes that since israel has joined his optimization and started cheering exported technology which is at the very crucial impact of many of the member states israel is clearly a a world leader in water technology and since this instance ellis joined a least a day but man of strong competition to thinking more about the integration of policy out with this thing with technology in the warm sector we've done a lot of work going on around how crucial the financial sustainability that good governance of water this is old critically links to the role of technology and israel's played a strong role in and try to make those linkages clear the idea that belief and that of the mental office due to claims that it is really what the industry earns around two billion dollars a year. there is any
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wider industry is quite sheer they induced me and very advanced. we can find sounded more mature companies and b companies like trick or treat is an awesome day. a company i did get mad and we can find a very very small companies. i did and start up companies like you can see in the innovation of the year saul when talking about a month to three hundred to four hundred and ten he said he knew what accompanies it and dom sub categories that doves companies. ideally we'd like. medibank is the varied than against any anime. when we are talking about what job we usually think about it tap will be hopping in our house and we get to and someone said that say you can find in companies that deal in me that way smarter to two weeks. we want to be a fixation. even we the security we have seen is due to the secure out where
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we want to and what every services. green energies and israeli company that was chosen by the palestinian authority to help them so their sewage problems in the streets of their cities and villages as in i know it's been down many many pitches total to a man at the dawn of the submissions to the whistle to treatment i would technology since it is simply a cost effective both in terms of capital investment in the personal cost was chosen to a be a solution for those that village isn't doing too many hits its target it says the company bought the tickets common problem we live in the same day same day said this so it is toxic and dominic not only the west bank with or so i whipped it was as leyland weaving in the same one minute to lead to some awesome that we had full auto bots and switch and told them produced even the insurgents. listed two billion dollars the year in revenues is really what the industry is rapidly becoming one of the biggest exports of the country. but jane won and won tickets at the twenty thirteen what the convention and to leave i
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the i will. do. will. i mean to me. gold. or do. i mean i will the is on. more more
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more. you and one the eye. i hope. ah. he he. he tried it
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the eye with chc!vez. it is since. one elephant camp the last waitresses social welfare and environmental like to come the tea has passed the first beating up amendments to medical care act to make amal is that as medical professionals the impact of all offence that carries a maximum sentence iv


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